Tuesday, April 29, 2014

They can’t take this one away from ya, JJ.

JJ Abrams and his principal cast for STAR WARS EPISODE VII – an image you’ve been bombarded with for the past few hours, no doubt. 

John Boyega (Moses from ATTACK THE BLOCK)
Daisy Ridley (???)
Oscar Isaac (Mean Nurse from SUCKER PUNCH)
Adam Driver (Adam HNNGHHH GONNA JIZZ ON YER ARM from Girls)
Domnhall Gleeson (Bill Weasley from Tumblr)
Andy Serkis (All the CGI)
Max von Sydow (King motherfucking Osric from CONAN THE BARBARIAN)

All JJ Abrams movies have good casts. Say what you will about the uselessness of Khan in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, Benedict Cumberbatch as a supervillain is something that guy could do in his sleep. He wasn’t really able to do much else than sleep with what he was given, but that’s neither here nor here.

BIG IMPORTANT THING HERE: John Boyega is first named in the releases. This seems to imply that a black kid most of the world has never heard of is the protagonist of the new friggin STAR WARS movie. As soon as Fanboy Abrams’ Old ‘n Busted Pander Brigade shuffle off this mortal space coil by the next movie, that means he’ll be the hero.
He’s not the hero’s best friend. He’s the hero. In a 9 figure movie by Disney that comes pre-sold to every market in the world. It only took ‘em a short 40 years, folks!
I give you a lot of shit, Abrams, and you work hard to deserve that shit.

But on this day, I say kudos for giving this kid the opportunity that’ll hopefully land him a great career, and a whole lot of other kids the opportunity to look at the movie screen in a few years and see that you don’t have to be a handsome white Calvin Klein model looking motherfucker to swing a laser sword around or pew pew a blaster.

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